A Hobbits’ Day Out : Second Breakfast

Source: Denny's Hobbit Menu

Source: Denny’s Hobbit Menu

Remember what Bilbo used to say:

-“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo.” -“Going out your door.

You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet…

…there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to. ” – Frodo, The Fellowship of the Ring

Before Christmas I got swept off to Western regions in search of feed for my small flock and then a few small gifts for family.   It started out to be a fairly good day – this second day of the first big winter storm of the season.   It found me more prepared for this first year of owning chickens. I had gotten up early (for me) and had the pail of hot water ready for their water feeder, paper towels for cleaning their grain feeder, the metal bowl filled to right amount to dump, the rubber mat by the door so I didn’t slip and fall which is my habit.  My feet were covered perfectly for the weather, even stylishly, with blue and pink patterned wellies I had found at the recyclers a few weeks before.   The mundane details of life met well which fills a Hobbit with joy.  My shower and tea done and I was ready for an adventure.

It was the fact that I didn’t get up so ordinarily early (as I did that day) and had accomplished so much in so little time that brought me into the restaurant on that particular day.  I had built up such an appetite as to require a second breakfast!   And it just so happened that Denny’s was right on the way back to my last errand.

Hobbits like things to be dependable and the most dependable thing about Denny’s is that they always serve breakfast 24 hours a day.  A need for a second breakfast of say pancakes and eggs and sausage would not require anyone to point to a watch and click their tongues or even apologize (if they were especially nice).

And so I quite expected to get what I had gotten in the past for breakfast there.  What I didn’t expect was to get treated to  an entire delightful and colorful menu of Hobbit items for breakfast!  You might wonder why with all the promotions normally attendant to something of this nature I didn’t know about it?  Well, like most hobbits, I don’t have a television and I live in the woods far away from such things.  It makes of life much more of an adventure not to be warned in advance.

The menu (like the one here below) I was given by my waitress (who was  herself given to calling everyone ‘Honey’ including me)  was a delightful surprise!  It is a wonderfully silly thing to be able to live out one’s favorite stories unexpectedly – even if its only having breakfast.   And as I make it a practice not to go out very much, I enjoyed it all the more!


I ordered the eggs, hash browns, shire sausage, and the seed cake french toast along with juice and hot coffee with plenty of cream and sugar and it was all quite wonderful.  If you have been working hard, not gone out very much, and coming in from a very cold winter day, how could it be otherwise?

And that I think is the secret to enjoying the Hobbit menu at Denny’s.  It’s all about being in love with wonder and appreciating the experience like the little girl, who, hobbit-like herself, came trotting down the aisle next to my table singing ‘Jingle Bells’ softly, in her high sweet voice.   It’s about the hominess of our Denny’s  as you listened to the waitresses at table, on the phone taking an order: “Ok, Honey.  We’ll have that for you in about 10 minutes.”  “Ok, Honey.  You want anything else?”  “Ok, Honey.  You be careful out there.  Merry Christmas!”   It would have sounded out of place if you hadn’t heard the word “Honey” so often.  You suddenly became aware of the old carols playing in the background and the humble but festive decorations surrounding you: the old gold garland twisted here and there and the little snow-covered miniature town getting ready for Christmas at the welcome corner.

That’s the moment you mark the memory:  warm from the coffee and full from the breakfast on your Hobbit’s day out. The riches of middle earth enjoyed!

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