Hot and Fried Mush: An Indiana Winter Breakfast

There is a bit of winter this morning on the ground in a white powder, sprinkled over the woods during the night. So it’s time for a steaming bowl of hot mush for breakfast and tomorrow, fried mush and homemade syrup.

I grew up in Indiana on occasional breakfasts of hot mush: a steaming bowl of thick yellow cornmeal boiled in salt water and served with milk and butter. It was one of those “stick to your ribs” breakfasts for a cold day.  Back then we used to purchase our fried mush from a local company called Hooples, which is a Hoosier-Made product, located in Rockport Indiana.  If you ever see it in your dairy case, do pick up a sample and enjoy with your syrup of choice.

The recipe for this is so simple it requires few instructions.  Hot mush is simply a cup of  yellow cornmeal mixed with a cold cup of water.  Add that mixture to 2 cups of boiling water with a liberal dash of salt and simmer for 10 minutes. This morning having enjoyed it before deciding to write about it, I had to take a photo of what I hadn’t dipped into my bowl.

I’ll put this in the frig to firm up and cut slices from it tomorrow to fry up in my iron skillet and serve with Brown sugar syrup.   Can’t wait!

3 Responses to “Hot and Fried Mush: An Indiana Winter Breakfast”
  1. Dan Anslinger says:

    I wish I could find some place to buy some.
    I was born and raised in Indiana but now live in Illinois, near St.Louis.

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