Spring 2015 – Everything’s Coming Up Vegetables!

2015 Indoor Seed Planting and Germination Schedule
PLANT Germination Period Date Planted/Sprout Date Last Day of Germination Period
1 Broccoli 10-21 days 3/31 4/5 4/20
2 Cabbage 5-7 days 3/31  4/7 4/6
3 Collards 8-12 days 3/31 4/5 4/11
4 Parris Lettuce 7-10 days 3/31  4/6 4/9
5 Livingston Lettuce 7-10 days 3/31 4/5 4/9
6 Tomato – Purple Pudens 7-10 days 3/31  4/7 4/9
7 Tomato – Mortgage Lifter 7-10 days 3/31  4/6 4/9
8 Bloomsdale Spinach 8-10 days 3/31 4/9

I got a late start planting my indoor seeds this year but I suspect I’m not the only one from the social media comments I saw.  That said, I finally did get them planted as you can see from the germination chart above on March 31.

Since The Food Sustainability Project is operating on a shoestring budget, I used the seed starter soil from my larger bag purchase from last year as well as the seeds from last year.  In my last post, I told you I would be using a different recycled container for seedlings – eggshells and I placed these in a variety of recycled planters I had used last year and in previous years: saved cottage cheese containers, old clay pots and plastic plant holder pots from the recycling station and my winter boot trays to catch the dirt and water over flow.  I just washed these out very carefully and made sure all were poked with drainage holes.  My favorite old powerade seedling sprinkler had bit the dust, so I made a new sprinkler out of a single server water container by nailing a few holes in the lid with a finishing nail.

Last year, I put my makeshift seedling trays in direct sunlight on the kitchen window sill to see if we could still get a good crop doing this the old fashioned way.  Typically, they took longer to sprout and they grew leggy and toward the window.  Nevertheless, they grew and the crop turned out well.

This year, I decided to see what I had around the house for a “grow” light. Sadly, “old Betsy” my wonderful little car is dead for the moment in the garage and I am without funds to get her repaired so I had to make do with what I had on hand.  This is post-modern pioneering at its finest!

Any of you who follow this blog know that I also raise chickens and ducks.  I had the heat lamp from raising chicks, so after doing some research on line to see if anyone else had given this a try (and finding someone else had), I hooked it up at the end of my kitchen counter over the seedling trays  with about 20″ between it and the trays.  I figured it would at least give them a good start and I could alternate between that and the light coming in from the kitchen windowsill.

As you can see from the chart above, I have a least three different plants already sprouting ahead of germination schedule!

Outdoors, I have 14 carrots, 2 beets, 4 lettuce, 6 onion sets and 6 garlic bulbs already growing in the larger raised bed.  Hoping God will bless this year’s crop to be as as wonderful as last year!

Till next time…. Keep growing!

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