Made In Indiana: Indiana Grown 2013


At The Simmer Pot Cafe, we’re very excited to announce the Indiana Grown 2013 program!  You know that the mission of this blog is to share our recipes made exclusively with Hoosier -made and grown products (even if its from our own garden!)

Well, in March of 2012,  the Indiana State Department of Agriculture in a cooperative effort “among producers, processors, wholesalers, retailers” has unveiled its new web site and program to help “consumers to easily identify, find and buy Indiana grown products.”   INside Indiana covered the program launch on March 30th on its website.

Anyone who produces Indiana grown products from big farm operations to roadside stands can apply for membership in the program and, if accepted, are allowed to use the Indiana Gown logo on their product for 1 year to help consumers making choices to buy local – something we promote as a practice here at The Simmer Pot.

Program Categories are the following according to the Indiana Grown website:

  • Produce, Field Crops, Forestry
  • Dairy (BOAH permits must be submitted to ISDA)
  • Eggs (must submit egg permit license from Purdue University, Indiana Egg Board)
  • Livestock & Livestock Products (Processed Meat & Poultry Products, Beef Cattle)
  • Fish & Seafood
  • Ornamental Horticulture (Greenhouse Nursery, Floriculture & Turf Grass)

If you are looking for a list of Indiana Grown producers here’s the link (DISCLAIMER: this is not a comprehensive list of all Indiana producers but only those who have paid the fee and been accepted into the program)

And here’s a helpful map for those of you who wish to buy direct or travel to any of  the roadside stand and market locations.  (DISCLAIMER: Not viewable in IE 9 and also not inclusive of all Indiana producers)

We’ll follow the developments of this program for you in future posts and hopefully get some one on one interviews with some of our fellow Hoosier home-grown producers!

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