Sweet Barrel Red Sloppy Joes

sloppyjoeimageNothing quite hits the spot on a cold night (or a hot summer night for that matter) for supper as quickly as does sloppy joes.  They are so popular that they have become a school cafeteria staple and grocery shelves share a spot for the familiar can of  “Manwich”.   Most kids love them.

But what makes these sloppy joes a truly memorable meal worthy of serving even adults are two cooking techniques: caramelizing and deglazing the pan.   Finally, a splash of sweet barrel red wine makes all the difference.  If you want to see this recipe featured on the Easley Winery site you can see it here.


Ground meat, 1 lb (beef, turkey, chicken)

Olive oil, 1 TBSP

1/2 Yellow onion, chopped medium to fine (vidalia is best)

Honey-based barbecue sauce, 9 oz

1/4 cup Red Gold ketchup

1/2 cup Easley Sweet Barrel Red Wine

Sesame Seed or Onion topped buns, pan-toasted in butter

Brown your meat and remove to a dish.  Add enough oil to cover pan and saute onions till they begin to turn golden brown (caramelized). Immediately add a splash wine to deglaze the pan.  This will in effect capture all the meat juices along with the onion caramelization and bring out the sweetness of the onions as well as enhance the taste of the meat. Add the meat back in and add the rest of the ingredients.  Simmer till the sauce and the meat are well blended, adding either more wine or water to desired consistency.

Serve over pan-toasted buns with a glass of Sweet Barrel Red Wine and green beans sauteed and tossed in olive oil and sweet basil and oven-baked home fries.  If summer, try the traditional cole slaw and chips for the sides.

Sweet Barrel Red Sloppy Joes

4 Responses to “Sweet Barrel Red Sloppy Joes”
  1. Nathan says:

    Easley makes ANY meal taste better, but very solid classic comfort recipe none the less

  2. Melanie says:

    Thanks, Nathan! I definitely agree about the Easley! 🙂

    • Melanie, I wanted to ask if you’d be okay with Easley Winery using your recipe for an online project we’re working on. We’d make sure to link back to your page and give you full attribution for your recipe. Let me know – thanks so much!

      • mereed says:

        Joe, that would be great! I am also working on a project that might benefit and support what you are doing. Let’s email and talk about it. I would very much like to support local Indiana wines and wineries like Easley. Thanks for your interest!!.

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