Creamy Garlic Soup

It is shameful how easy this soup is to pull off.   There is really not much to the preparation or the ingredients, they are all economical and nutrient rich – but o, the flavor!  It’s a soup for what ails you: warming comforting, strengthening.   A good soup when its winter and you have a cold or are just plain beat from a long day.  In fact, it comes from a cookbook I used, sadly, long-lost, during a period of time when I needed lots of soups that were full of good things to detox you but also tasted great.

This soup uses beans for its creamy base.  And its a very forgiving recipe: use any type of bean you like or mix them up if you wish.  Once you get the hang of the recipe, try experimenting with the amounts: make a small batch or make a large.  Once you have the beans cooked then the rest takes a few hours of simmering in your pot.  That’s the secret to the great flavor of this soup.  Simmering. You can make this soup  in a pressure cooker or use the crock pot method.  If you use the crock pot its even easier: just dump all the ingredients in till the end when you will puree the soup.  It can be made with dried beans or you can use canned.  The canned, of course, shaves a few hours off the crock pot method.  That only takes 6 hours!  If you want to use the dried in the crock, better start early in the morning before work.   Follow your manual if you use the pressure cooker for the dried beans.


1 1/2 cups dried beans, your preference or 2 cans (pinto, great northern, black, black-eyed peas work best)

2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

6-8 large cloves of Garlic, peeled and smashed (if you are making a larger batch of soup, use the whole head)

2 whole cloves, make sure you remove these before blending in the blender!

If using dried beans, 5 cups of broth (chicken or vegetable)

Salt to taste

If using canned, 2 cups of broth or a little more if a thinner soup is desired.  This soup is great either thick or thin. Again, experiment with what you like best.

Using the crock pot method with canned beans, cook 6 hours.  If using dried, cook 10 hours.  After the beans have become tender and the garlic mellowed, remove to a blender and puree.  Return to the crock pot to keep warm. Again, experiment to your taste: if you like your soup a little chunky, leave some beans whole in the pot.  You can’t mess this soup up.

You can serve as is or garnish with chopped parsley (if you are really wanting to stay in the detox spirit).  If not, dollop with sour cream and sherry vinegar.   Follow up with a modest chardonnay and you are in business!  Enjoy!

*Picture of Creamy Garlic soup using a combination of Black beans and Black-Eyed Peas.

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